Okay, So I recently started considering getting an Epiphone Valve Junior for my next amp. I like the idea of just having a volume to worry about and let effect pedals to the rest of the talking. So some of my questions are what cabinet woul go nicely with the head (Not the Epiphone one for it, I hate the look of it) and what pedals should I put in front of it? I play just about any genre but mostly Classic Rock, Punk, Blues,Alternative, and Progressive styles. I have a Silvertone SG I customized the hell out of and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and my current pedals are a Boss DS-1 and PH-3 and a Modded Cry Baby. I've considering the Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay, the MXR 6-band EQ and the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. Any suggestions would be helpful.
The big muff would sound good in front of it. Maybe a tubescreamer.
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I normally don't judge on looks but that think is waaayyy too ugly for me to buy.

And yeah, I really love the sound of the USA Big Muff. Im a huge Jack White fan and his full driven sustain solos are incredible.
Marshall slant cab with some celestion speakers

Old fender cab

Mesa boogie makes a good cab, but marshall is basically the same; bttoh have celestion

for pedals get an Ibanez tube screamer, the big muff, boss chorus, boss delay
Im thinkin about a Marshall or a Fender, something not too expensive. But I need a straight cab for the Epi.
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