Hey, I’m thinking of making a strat with the wish you were here logo (the two robot hands shaking) painted onto it, (I wouldn't be doing it myself).
I wanted to have the body rear routed so the picture isn't obscured by a pic guard. However the only place I can find a rear routed strat body is warmoth for about 90GBP, I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that does them for any cheaper, either in Britain or that would deliver. Or, would anyone on here be willing to make and me sell one?

This is not definite; I am just looking to see how much it would cost. If I do end up doing it, it would probably be about another year before I do, due to funds. (I'm in 6th form with a very unreliable low paying job, and will be learning to drive soon).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, for SSS pickups.

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what type of pickup routing are you looking for?
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No i don't know anyone at all in the US, and if it helps quotes or anything I was looking for alder or maybe ash. Thanks got the help so far.
SSS you say?

A clear pickguard, which you can put a peice of cardstock unde, or even regular paper, so the image will show through..
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Yes but then I would have to get the right part of the picture onto the paper and line it up perfectly. And also buy the pickguard. i think it would be alot easier to get the body rear routed. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.