i decided to sell my strat, its from 93/94 and is in AMAZING condition hardly a mark on it, its a very rare foto flame finish and is much sought after.

Im looking for around £350, i live in scotland but WILL post to other parts of the world for the correct price

anyone intrested?

wow, thats gorgeous, any pics of the headstock and neck?
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yeah sure heres more pics of everything really lol

if it looks like there are any marks/chips on it then its only the camera flash the guitar is amazing condition

it has vintage looking knobs and pickup covers and looks top class
hmm, maybe. can u do any better on the price?

and does it have a case?

shippin to yorkshire?
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absolute best i could do is £320 mate and that includes a padded case and shipping anywhere in the uk.

£320....guitar.....case.....shipping to uk
i'll give ya £30 and a used mobile (well, thats the line i used to get my first guitar)

Nah, only jokin, but dude, that is one shexi guitar! Tried ebay?
i will probebly end up putting it on ebay , if someone wants to buy it here then what i would do is put it on ebay with a BUY IT NOW so they can buy it there....just makes things more secure for them and me i suppose, it wouldnt be fair to ask someone to cough up £320 and for it not to be on ebay or somewhere where they have a bit of security
you'll probs get more for it on ebay, some random fender colector or something, i saw a hondo LP copy, really crappy, scratched, missing 2 strings and a pickup go from £1.99 to £43 in 24 hours....wow
its hit or miss with ebay....sometimes the fender marketing is buzzing....other times its not....just now theres not alot of action maybe cos everyones paying there debt from xmas lol.....but £320 is the lowest i could go and thats for postage aswell
I was really disappointed when I found out it's not really flame-top, it's just a sticker. Other than that it's a pretty guitar, if I weren't in the states i'd consider it.
i will post anywhere mate, like i said to make it all official and to give the buyer better piece of mind....i will be more than happy to put it on ebay for them to buy it now.
this is sold guys!

well almost lol

thanks for the intrest from everyone near and far