Okay I've got a few 'riff problems.' I play hard rock/metal, but lately:

- the riffs i make up all sound the same (can't explain how!)
- I play at a boring pace, riffs that are too fast again sound unoriginal
- at my band practice, our bassist came up with the main riff in our first song, and he's not that good at bass/guitar at all!
- i tend to use the E and A strings mainly, probably because I don't know that much theory, not using scales that often either (I only know the minor pentatonic/blues scale forms though).
- some riffs sound out of the genre e.g. too punk and rock n roll for my liking, but sometimes they're better!

So if you could suggest anything at all that could give me inspiration with music writing e.g. theory needed?/ playing with drums etc., then i'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot
Learn your scales.

A lot of good riffs come out of the minor pentatonic shapes... would suggest that you livn it up a bit by using all the strings (perhaps not all at once), using less predictable shapes (ie. 4th/5th/6th intervals) and experimenting with double-stops as well (think Smoke On The Water, but with single-notes thrown in too :P)

EDIT: Funk up the rhythm too - don't go one note per beat, go for creative sounding stuff with triplets. Find the groove!
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hey man just listen to different kinds of music, learn a few modes and keep away from the guitar when writing i let the melody come to me then i transpose onto guitar. This is what i did when i was going through the same thing you are now.
use a drop tuning and palm mutings in chordal riffs to add to the chunk

also if you see a type of chord progression (eg 1st-4th-1st-5th (in c major its C-F-C-G) in a lot of music, try and avoid doing it a lot as it makes it sound sorta chlichéd

also a bit of syncopation(accents off the main pulse) never goes wrong

by all accounts im not great with theory either
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