Hey all, i'm looking at getting a new MP3 player. The thing is theres only about a million to choose from. I'd like something thats about 5 gigs. i dont need anything more than that. I also would like maybe a color screen and some cool features.

But the most important thing is it has to be easy and reliable. not like this ****ing iPod shit. those things are so retarded, even after resetting the damn thing 5 million times i cant put songs on it. and your almost forced to use the ****ing iTunes program. but anyhow yeah so theres really no budget, just need some ideas.
Creative Zen 5gig model... I can't remember what it is called!

Leaping Badger has a cool one, I think it's a Samsung...
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I would look into the Creative Zen that Flambe Chicken posted, Scandisk, allthough not a very 'trustworthy' brand, has a few good ones also.
The sony NW series are very reliable. My first one broke because I dropped it in a puddle, but this one, NW-A1200 is very very good. 8gb. Alas it was £140, it all just depends on the price range you have.
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My first advice is you will never use anymore then about 8 gig, so dont think more gigs the better.
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Thanks guys, but to the guy that posted the cat picture and to the people that are telling me ill never use more than 8GB and whats my price range, maybe you should read my entire post ****holes.
Hey, let me know which one you pick. And when you get it, let me know things you like/dislike, if you could.
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My first advice is you will never use anymore then about 8 gig, so dont think more gigs the better.

My ipod has 9 gig of music on it, and I still have loads of cds to put on...

and my friend has allready put 30 gig of songs on his ipod.
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