Hey guys. I have a issue that I need some help with.

A year ago, I got a Ibanez Gio GSR 100 for my birthday. I liked it, but one thing I felt was lacking was the tone. The stock pickups weren't too great, and the wood wasn't helping either (Agathis).

Now that I've saved up some money, I've decided that I wanted to upgrade it. I was planning to cut out the section of wood around the pickups about 5'' wide, 7'' long, and 1.5'' deep and replace it with a different type of wood. Remember, this is my birthday present, so buying another Bass/trading it is out of the question. Don't worry about the pickups, as they are getting replaced.

My questions are: Would this improve the tone? And if so, what are some good woods you'd recommend?
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

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I would have thought that cutting a chunk of the wood out of it would just weaken it, and make it far less strong. And I think a piece that size is too small to affect it. You'd want the whole body to be a different wood. I would recommend getting a new bass instead, but seeing as you can't, maybe you should have a look into getting new equalizer/electronics circuit built into it?
If it'll help, I'll look into it. Where can I get info on getting a new circuit?
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
Hmm, well I know very little about this kinda thing, I am just trying to make myself sound clever I'll have a quick look on the internet for you though, as it beats doing my french essays

Edit: Ok found some, I think.

EMG is a classic make, and ****ing awesome - have a look here

Seymour Duncan is also a good make - have a look at some of these (down at the bottom-ish)
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I would say the seymour duncan tone circuit, but i'm not a fan of EMG's so that's why
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I would say the seymour duncan tone circuit, but i'm not a fan of EMG's so that's why


EMGs are sweet shit, but at the end of the day it is all down to personal preference. The problem with circuitry is that you can't really have a try with it and know 100% what it will sound like on your bass. To subliminaldelta: try and have a play around with as many basses as you can do, and see which ones you like the sound of. So many things can vary the sound of your bass, and I'm not sure the circuitry does all that much. Maybe you could just buy some ****ing awesome pups or a new amp?
Get new pickups! Seriously! New pickups DRAMATICLY change the sound of a Bass. Hell, about half your tone comes from the pickups! (usually, it varies from Bass to Bass)

I say, if you can just get a new pickup configuration.
Like get a musicman pickup if you want that trebly punch.
Or a Billy Sheehan if you need that thick sound.

Or ****, just upgrade the pickups you already have on there! Like Duncan Quarter Pounders, and a noiseless J pickup.

Trust me, new EXPENSIVE pickups are enough to make ANY bass sound like solidgold.
Don't cut up the body. Go with pickups instead. A small amount of material cut out from around the pickups isn't going to make any significant change while new pickups will. Besides, unless you're really good at it, all you're doing is messing up the look of the instrument.


Is 'MEC' a pickup make? Thats what they say on my pickups and they sound amazing.
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Yeah it is. MECs are used in Warwicks and add to their grumbly tone.
you gonna refinish the whole thing or just have that patch of wood looking different?
Cant you get another bass but keep the present one and say you dont want it to get damaged?
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I'm with everyone that says new pickups. I suggest a new circuit, too. Have your shop wire it to an 18 volt circuit, and go with some active EMG's. Can't go wrong, there. I suggest the EMG 35 DCs.
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