I really am looking forward to buying a Digitech GNX4, but I want to hear other peoples oppinions about it. PM me if you have any feedback. Thanks!
Is there a specific reason why you want the GNX4? How long have you been playing?

I had the GNX3, which is extremely close to the GNX4. You will not get a good tone at ALL. I eventually sold it and bought Guitar Rig 2, which was a much better choice. Hell, my Korg PD4X headphone amp is more fun to play with, and costs about 1/3 of the price.
I used to have the pedal (before my house burned). It actually (in my opinion) is one of the best pedals ever made. The only 2 complaints I have about it is that the footswitch was a little stiff, but you'd get used to it, and I didn't even begin to scratch the surface of all it's features.

It has 80 effects (I think)...several distortions, whammy, acoustic simulator, etc. Alot of the effects you won't use, but it's fun to play around with them. It can record, you can create your own effects (and save them), download guitar lessons...all sorts of things. I was satisfied with it.. I'd recommend it. It all depends on the type of music you play though and how patient you are with learning how it works.
I own the GNX4 and I use it with a Yorkville Keyboard amp. The key to the success of tones for the GNX are a couple of points. I virtually have just about any tone from any artist you could imagine. Here is the two points.

1.) You need a good monitoring amplified speaker with a flat EQ response. Keyboard amps are good for this. Typically using the GNX through a regular amp will cause colouring in the Tone which often creates a muddy tone. The key is a flat EQ and then use the GNX for the tones.

2.) You must get the MFXSuperModels. The amount of patches you get from this package is insane and I virtually sound like any artist tones. Believe me, it is authentic! This was created by a guy through is engineering background and studio. You can find more information at Digitechs website which will guide you to his website. Try googling MFXSupermodels, it'll come up with a hit.

I am not a poster boy for Digitech. This product is ubelievable if you follow these two points. Don't let anyone tell you it's not good, they don't know how to use the product.
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if your intrested in buying used i will sell you mine for 175 plus shipping it works but ive had trouble in the past and i just take it apart and do some resautering once in a while but other than that it works fine
I like mine, great practice tool imo, and fun to record with. I think it can get some decent quality clips. I wouldn't record an album with it, bit it can sound decent thru a good board. I've used it recently to make a couple vids with MS Moviemaker, running into a sonic max, then into my "line in" on the computer. Not the greatest quality, but decent for a line in and using moviemaker to record audio. Everything is done with the GNX4, with the factory presets, drum machine and looper. I've tweaked the presets slightly, but mostly just the fx I have available with the patch. All the computer is doing is recording the vid clip and line in. I want to get that supermodels pack however, like was mentioned. I've only heard good things about it.
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Yeah I want the GNX4 becuse it has really good fetures on it. And I could get sounds bands use on it.
I have the GNX3. I actually just got it. Traded an age old computer for it and an amp. I've always been a Digitech guy. I had the RP3, RP200, and now the GNX3. Had to resolder new buttons on it, but that's a 'used' thing. I've now got it up and running and I love it. There are loads of new and different effects as well as a built in 8 track recorder. You can also save all your work to SD memory and output straight to a recorder (which I really like). It has plenty of I/O (Midi, 1/4, XLR). For a beginner to intermediate user looking for a new toy to experiment with, I definitely recommend it (esp if you can score a good deal on one).

As for me... I'm gonna check out those MFXSuperModels.
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