Hello all
I'm playin guitar for a while now but i'm still not sure about how i set up my effect loop.
I got the following pedals but in which order would it be the best:

-Danelectro Dan-o-Wah.
-Snarling Dog Wah.
-Marshall Guv'nor (Distortion).
-Electro Harmonix Double Muff (Overdrive Kinda Fuzz).
-Carl Martin Surf Trem (Tremolo).
-Digitech Rp 50 (beginning mutli effects pedal)
-Danelectro Compressor.
-Ibanez Phaser.

I play it now like:


But is that the best order to get the best sound thats easy to use?
Allready thnx a lot.

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I just tend to put Delay, noise supressor and eq in the loop. The rest sound better in front of the amp.

Guitar - Wah - Compressor - Gain - Modulation - Amp. (fx loop) - Delay - EQ - Noise Gate.

Thats how Id do it