i have a dean dime-o-flage, and a regular case for it is 120. 120, however, is out of my price range, so should i buy a regular bass case?
uh i think that a bass case wouldnt fit, as deans have a specific body shape.
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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the case will probably be too small for your ml.
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i would by the ml case anyway they are worth the money i have one
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i dont have the money. when your 14 you cant exactly pull 120 bucks outta your ass.

well i put the dean up to my bass and it was just as long but i wasnt sure about the width. i figured id ask the folk here....
I've seen cases that are like, universal bass/warlock guitar cases... but if you can find a cheaper case made for an explorer and/or extreme shaped guitar, itll work. I managed to get a univeral Gator hardshell for like $90 at my local store, and it goes for around $125 eveywhere else...
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You buy a superb guitar like that and won't shell out for a hardshell?

not sure if "superb" would be the word to describe a Dime-o-flage, but at least a decent case would be a good idea.
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