Thought I might as well post up my band here and see what people think.

Its a fairley oddley recorded live session, cut once with no retakes / overdubs/ or anything like that to "fake" a live thing.

The mix is a bit poor on "arrogant nick" - you can't hear the vocals so well.

The Genre is indie/alt rock I suppose with hints of lo-fi. But the members all have very different influences so it creates an interesting blend.

The Band is:
Dean Welsh - Vocals
Ginge - L.Guitar
Adam "Chocolate Bear" Anthony- R.Guitar
Gavin Campbell (Me) - Bass
Ash Cockram- Drums

(Not that means a whole lot to you!)


Tracks are
1. Its all in the movies (Campbell) [Best mix]
2. Half Past 3am (Welsh / Anthony/ and a little arranging by me)
3. Arrogant Nick (Campbell)