Well I've been writing stuff on and off for a while and I just thought I'd post it anyway.

It's not brilliant so don't be too harsh on me lol.

Nothing's ever perfect
it can’t always go your way
it all becomes infected
and everything decays
its all a pointless game we play
It all messes with your head
so we might as well give up right now
and quit while we're ahead

All your trying
Its all for nothing
Cos you cant do what can't be done
Your still yearning
And your still running
Theres nothing you can count on

Everyting is tainted
And all feels like a waste
Trying to be decent
It just takes away the taste
its a stupid little game we play
They’re stupid little words we say
All i want is to hold something
That doesnt take a hold of me

All your trying...

You cant count on no-one
They'll betray you in the end
You cant trust no-one in this life
You'll just be left for dead
You wanted to trust them once more
But they'll **** you up again
So why do you start something when
its already coming to and end?

All your trying...