Is the fender telecaster (standard) a good upgrade guitar? Can I depend on it lasting me for quite a while? And of course the most important question, is the neck any fast?

+If anyone has any good modification tips for a telecaster, it would be highly appreciated, thank's!
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My Tele. is a great guitar, but it cost me so much i'm not going to mod anything on it.(it doesn't need it though)
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I love my telecaster, maple necks are different yet easy to get used to, they're very comfortable. My friend has had his tele for quite some time and he still plays it, so I assume they're reliable, after all fender has had 50 years to get it right.
neck is not fast not like an ibanez or something... i like it thou telecasters are fun. upgrade the pickups the fender cobalt noisless sound really good and u might want to replace the bridge if its not american
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ye telecasters last for a long time and they are generally gr8 guitars
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Is the fender telecaster (standard) a good upgrade guitar? Can I depend on it lasting me for quite a while? And of course the most important question, is the neck any fast?

+If anyone has any good modification tips for a telecaster, it would be highly appreciated, thank's!

It is a good guitar for blues, country, rock, classic rock, funk, and alternative. It's not good for anything that needs lots of distortion. So it is a good upgraid for some people and not for others. Depends on the music you want to play.

If you take care of it, it will last you your whole life.

No, the neck isn't very fast.

Good mods for this guitar depend on what you want to play on it.
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I have a crappy strat copy so anything else would be an upgrade I guess. Is the distortion on tele's any good? Are the stock pickups very noisy?
The sound I'm looking for is the classic rock sound like on Led zeppelin's first album (since page actually used a tele on that album and on stairway), the overgained sound that's totally made for psychadelic bending is what I'm after.
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The tele will be good for most things, metal might need a push form effects or your amp but it shoudl still do it (I can use single coils for metal so a tele bridge P/U shoudl do it)
Telecatsters are basically used mostly for country and bluesy type stuff. if you anything besides that dont get one. Fenders arent as versatile as theyre cracked up to be.
they do have custom a telecaster which would be better for a heavier tone.

Edit: yeah if you like classic rock go for it.
The tele is pretty versatile. It is pretty solid and will probably survive a drop.

As for speed, the neck, depending on the finish, isn't sticky. Mine isn't anyway, it's like silk.

Having big fret wire will slow you down a bit and probably show some of the faults in your playing, but it is a great guitar.

If you want a guitar to play everything though, go a strat.

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the tele can actually do pretty much anything

no its not only a country and blues guitar... with a good amp and distortion pedal you can get punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, rock, classic metal/hardrock, funk, and even metal if you change one of the single coils for a humbucker (i would suggest the neck pickup)

another awesome guitar is the mustang i tried one out today and it sounds orgasmic for pretty much anything...

and the strat doesnt get as much credit for its distorted tone as it deserves
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The trick to get a tele to do anything you want is the tone knob. Roll down the tone about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to get a really nice chunky rock sound on the bridge or middle positions. rolling the tone knob down about 1/4 of the way on the neck p/u gives me a really good approximation of early sabbath tone. If you ever want to do anything heavier I would suggest either a hot rails in the bridge, or swap out the neck p/u for a humbucker.
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it will be perfect for you, great guitar, but try it out first and make sure you like it
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I was thinking about getting a Tele as an upgrade too...
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Thank's, all your positive answers just gets me more and more anxious to get one.
BUT, I've heard a lot of negative things when it comes to the tele's tuners. I've heard stuff like: "the tuning is horrible, get locking ones" and "the tele comes out of tune from leaving it unplayed ONE night". So would new tuners be a definite choice of upgrade, like right from the store - or are the stock tuners alright? If I need to change them, could I get some suggestions on tuners? Thank's!
The tuners are not bad. The 3 saddle bridge is what made the tele hard to tune. Now days they have pretty much gotten rid of that bridge and they use the 6 saddle version which will not cause you any problems.
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I love my tele, though sometimes I wish I would have went with the Strat or Jag, but its a great instrument, especially once you learn how to really use it.
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How about strings? I like to use .010-.046 gauge strings, would those work on a MIM tele (since they come with .009 gauge strings) or would they cause any damage to
the saddles, tuners, etc.?

Now to the next thing, What colour do I get it in?!!


i use ernie ball slinky 10's on my tele. its a MIM. i got a two tone sunburst! i upgraded from a HH Squire Strat, never looked back

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Hehe, so it's got quality right? I'm not just buying a more expensive squier am I?
Just buy an American and you don't need to upgrade.

Tele's from my experience have a higher sound with less sustain on them...

Great guitars though. Got to love a Fender neck...they play so amazing.
i luv my tele so much. it plays anything pretty well. very versitile! no you arent buy an expensive squire!

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

The tele is a great guitar, IMO. The one I have is very old. My dad had it for years before I got into playing and he just gave it to me recently. It sounds just like it did when he bought it and I have found ways to use it for almost any kind of music I wanted to play it for. The neck really isnt fast at all on it but the sound more than makes up for any mistakes the neck brings to my playing. Great for blues and older rock, I think.
some sites say that the standard has a C-shaped neck and other sites claim that they have U-shaped necks, so which is it?

+ How come the standard tele does not have the option of a rosewood fretboard, and yet the standard strat does have this option?
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