ive been self teaching for a little over a year now, and ive finally decided to go ahead and get lessons... it will be $16 a lesson for one half hour a week. what qualitys should i be looking for in a good teacher? has anyone had bad teachers?
$16 a lesson is a great price most places its $30 at least for half an hour so your getting a good deal here. and cant tell u what to look for in a teacher i guess just make sure theyve got alot of expireance
need to have respect for youre teacher, can they teach you what you want such as rock jazz, r&b etc. you wont know right away give it a chance
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we;;, you don't want an old man that is so strict that when you make a mistake he puts you in a cage full of rabbid dogs and poison snakes and doesn't feed you... you do want a teacher that can teach and it yo do make a mistake then he helps you and makes sure you improve. Also you don't a dirtly little pervert...

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I pay $18 for a half hour lesson. My guitar teacher is great. When I first started lessons he asked me what bands I like and each week he would teach me picking, powerchords etc. and would teach me the main riff of a song from the bands I liked. As I got better he gave me scales to improvise solos with and taught me stuff like tapping. Right now he's still teaching me techniques like sweeping and pinch harmonics.

Just look for a guitar teacher who will teach you what you want to learn and a teacher who is not strict and wants to help you become a better guitarist.
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Someone who knows what their talking about, and how to correct your mistakes
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$10/hr!!! and my instructor is awsome!!! He is younger than I am though... So far so good, I have had two and get my third tomorrow, very happy thus far. He has been playing since he was like 11...
yeah i met the guy yesterday, very cool guy. he said asked me what my goals were, what kind of music i wanted to play, and he told me that whatever way i wanted to go with the lessons that he would assist me! he seemed very knowledgable and freindly... i really hope this takes my ability to the next level becuase self teaching is very challenging and it is easy to get stuck and lose motivation when your not doing so hot.