well on another users thread i found that dizzler site... well i started using it and i really really like it... but, whenever i click playlists or favourites it freezes and a little box comes up and says "a script is causing adobe flash player 9 to run slow. if u continue playing this script your computer may become unresponsive. so do u want to continue running this script? yes or no?" or somehting like that.... im not sure what to click but ive tried them both a few times but i usually end up hitting alt + ctrl + delte then restarting... how do i overcome this problem? its pissing me off cuz we don't have any limewire or anyway to get music on our computer and now that ive found somehting it isnt working...
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If you put the letters back on the beginning of each word, I might be able to help you
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Believe it or not, some people actually pay for music :P You should try it.
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Believe it or not, some people actually pay for music :P You should try it.

not many though

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Try copying the error message and pasting it into a google search.

I've solved a few problems that way before.
i treid copying it but it wont le tme...but ill try.... do i need a better adobe or something? its really pissing me offf