you need to record both guitars, or else it sounds like shit.
As for the playing it is really messy, and some of the solo parts are wayyyy off. Just practice more, and you will get it. As for the wrong parts, there is a good tab for Fade to black in the tab section. Just look for it in the top 100 tabs page. By the way, what is your set up?

edit: I just listenend to the 3rd solo and wow, that was bad! Most of the parts are completely wrong and I have no idea where you got the tabs for that but whoever wrote them should be shot. But the rest of the song were ok, and your not bad for the time that you have been playing! Like I said, keep practicing and you will be a guru at that song.
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Agh. You gotta practice man. It'll come with time; took me a while to learn the whole song. Take it a little slow. Don't rush anything.
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Please don't think I'm being harsh, but it was really sloppy. Hammet didn't learn to play like that by rushing, he learned by taking his time and starting slow and working his way up.

I like the tone in the bridge part though, so that's something good..
About your playing i don't think there's more to crit. But the tone need a little more work, try lowering the mids and the treble cause too much treble make the power chord too fuzzy. Try using the neck pickup for those solos. Download a backing track from ww.guitarbt.com so you can play along with it and work on the timing (and is more fun too).
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ROFL at the bit with the galloping. Sorry dude. Just reminds me when I hear my bro playing. Trying stuff he's not even near capable of playing. Just sounds like utter turd.

Oh dear, and the last solo. It's one thing to record it, another to post it on a site.
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