heh did any of you guys here that captain america was killed this month by a sniper and they are doing a movie about him again
Was Captain America a real person...?

I heard about that before, but all I remember is a lame cartoon show
yeah the cartoon sucked but i remember a movie before he was made in the 40's in the usa. he was a super soldier witha crazy shield that fought against hitler bt he was cool
So is the actor the one who died?

Because I'm sure he had a name other than Captain America.
he does his real identity and there is no actor it is a comic book and they are making a MOVIE AND I THINK THEY ALREADY AHVE MADE A MOVIE BEFORE
no they just killed him off in the comic book.
thats what i have come to understand.
and this happened a good week er two a go i think.
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yeah just in the book lol do you guys not like that stuff when you were teenager's
or kids
does anybody know anything about super hero's like how that god damn x men don't even have gambit in it it's a discrace everyone just like wolverine cause he can heel fast and well he is one of the best cause he is canadian
he isnt dead, hes in cuba with tupac, on the tphone to elvis, whos in finland ...
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