should so make an amp where u can lock your settings.

or some plastic thing u can put on top so no1 touches them :@
Put dots next to where the arrows should point
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Very nice
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You can do that with line 6 amps. It digitally stores your setting for you once you dial them into a channel.
i can do that with my vox

if everything had a point you'd have to be really careful of pointy things
uh why dont u just not move the setting? or maybe get some tape?
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i have a vox ad30vt and it has two channels on thier that u can save your settings too, im sure thiers a lot more amps like that out thier
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nice idea, you should be rewarded with a pen and paper, so that you can just write down your settings
erowid has your answers
why not write down your settings or just remember them...?
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