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Crate Shockwave 300 watt head with a bright green grill. Some nicks on tolex. Plays perfect. Needs to sell I just bought a new head. Decided to go with tube instead of solid state. I also will be selling the cab with it, Its loaded with 4 celestion Seventy 80's and has a matching green grill. Tolex is ripped in places mostly on the back. Works great. 450 Shipped

Here are some pics
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Where are you located?
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How much are you looking for it?

And,any soundclips?

what kind of music styles is it good for?
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I have a 100 Watt Roland Jazz Chorus 120. I'll do an even trade, pay for my own shipping as long as it comes with the cab too.
How much is it?
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i bought it about two or three years ago new, I decided to sell the cab also which matches it and is stacked with celestion seventy 80's, If truley interested make me an offer and we can work from there.
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where are you?
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haha il throw it out even tho you wont accept this trade.
+CrateFXT65(new-$300.00. now about 250)
dunlop cry baby
10ft cable
russian big muff plus 2 9v batteries
mini marhsall half stack 2watt.

or would you be interested in a nice playin mexican strat rather than the amp. (i figure if youre seelin the amp you dont need a new one.)
so maybe...the strat. the big muff. the stack and the cable?
thanks for the offer but im not a strat guy, its a good offer its just not what im looking for.
thanks again
i have an 1992 ibanez rg565 i was about to put on ebay. some guy told me it's worth no less then 800.
possible trade for head and cab?
if you'd believe me i'd tell you everything
hey man thanks for the offer that guitar from what i could find is around 300 to 500. Its a good offer but i really dont need or want a guitar. I might be willing to trade for a cab like a mesa boogie with vintage 30's because thats what im looking for but other than than i really only want cash.
Thanks a lot for the offer.
Still up? I got my amp cable fixed, now it's grounded. Still wanna trade?

I have noticed one thing wrong with it lately. Scratchy pots in channel 2. I would fix them, but I'm broke as of the moment.
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