Poll: What Color Is Your Guitar?
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76 34%
17 8%
37 17%
18 8%
4 2%
5 2%
8 4%
28 13%
Odd Pattern
2 1%
27 12%
Voters: 222.
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What color is your guitar? If you have several guitars, vote on your favorite one of them. My favorite guitar of my 3 guitars color is black. Whats Yours?

The colors listed in the poll are just a rough idea, I am not putting in specific colors because they are alot. If your guitar is a Cherry Red, vote red, Apple Green Sparkle(Random), vote green etc.
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It says vote for your favorite guitars color, not all of them.
"See, you're born punk. When you get your first haircut, then you're alternative. Then you let it grow long, then you're metal." - Kirk Hammett

You didn't list "sexy" on there. This thread fails.

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Chrome red American Strat with matching headstock paint. <3 <3 <3
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Black with sexy gold hardware. =D
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my new strat is Sienna burst..my Epi LP, and my LTD are black.

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I put red but my casino is officially "cherry"...I've got a red les paul, some description of burst on my firebird, and a blonde natural tele...so i went with red 'cos i use my casino most
Black with White pickguard.
maplewood fretboard.
hotness =]
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I'm partial to the black w/chrome hardware on my Interceptor and the Ruby color of my Schecter.
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My Les Paul is transparent/orange/sunburst.
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all mine are black with some fancy pickgaurd colour
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black primer with white flame looks blue-ishly stained... so i vote blue ^_____^
i gots a chrome red strat with a rosewood board
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that ipod ad really really pisses me off i hear her voice all the time on this site makes me want to jump in traffic

I hear that about that Freakin I-Pod Ad!!!!!! Scares the shit out of me everytime i forget my speakers are on!!!!

"Dimeslime" Green and Yellow!!!!! (hmm... Packers colors too!!!)
Prong =

So is the one before that and my strat is stripped. . . .

Anyway I'd love a guitar with a cool colour like the Billy Sheehan's bass 'sea foam green'
My guitar doesnt have a colour, nor does it have a neck. That is right, I have made the first neckless and bodyless guitar. All it has is the headstock and the bridge, and strings.
Black with Hot Rod Flames
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White with gold hardware.
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I have a '59 Danelectro hollow body that's plumb purple.
It's freakin' sexy.
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I just redid my old guitar and painted it black and my warlock is black also...
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Transparent dark blue.
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my strat is gunmetal, my epi is black, and my sx is transparent with amber back
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i got a fender precision bass which is mi fav guitar n its a plain black base coat with silver metal flake over the top of it with a reely good gloss coat.
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