ok i earn about 320 a month and i have no bills to pay what so ever. im still in secondary school


im thinking about getting a new acoustic, what are the best reccomendations. i dont mind saving up either.

i really want a quality sounding acoustic.

i love my ovation celebrity but i want another acoustic with a different sound to it.

preferably non electric acoustics as i already have an electro acoustic.


how much are you wanting to spend?
what style of music do you play?
yes.... and what do you do to earn 320 a month at that age?

Wilkinson EZ lok Tuners - £15
Dunlop 535q Multiwah - £80

Offers/Trades anyone?
martin if you have no money concerns, or taylor is a fine sounding acoustic. i only wish i could afford a high end martin i have a fender and an ibanez but they just dont compare, my opinion only
ibanez rocks
ummmmmm in all honestly just general acoustic music,

i tend to do a lot of finger picking and am generally influenced by people such as john mayer and john butler and people like that.

i work as a kitchen assistand part time.

its quite difficult as i m doing A levels aswel.

lol i do actually earn the money i get

Get a folk sized guitar. They're great for fingerpicking, they give you a different tone, and their smaller size makes them nicer to hold.

EDIT: This would be lovely. http://www.seagullguitars.com/productperformerfolkcwgt.htm
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I don't know if I can help it.

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ive heard that lower priced martins arent that great though.

is that a high priced martin?

i live in the uk so going by the conversion rate at the moment (which is ****ing brilliant lol) its half the price in pound sterling. but over the net its cheaper.
cant you try them out at music stores or are you like me where the stores are 100 miles or more, oh i did here taylors my neghew has one and my guitar teacher-friend has a martin
ibanez rocks
oh my god lol.

well i wont be spending 3 grand on an acoustic

but i reckon 1000 pound sterling maximum.

i dont want to go overboard lol

what do you guys think about takamines or Michael Kelly's
made in pennsylvania you cant go wrong we are the best quality workers in the usa lol
ibanez rocks
^-- that seagull is an acoustic-electric... didn't you state that you want an acoustic since you already have an ovation acoustic-electric?
yh your right, i dont want to specificaly cut out electro acoustics completely.

if its sounds amazing unplugged and equally great plugged in then it wont be a problem.