Hey. I got a dynex brand cable from best buy with a gift card I had lying around. It kinda sucks. The sound will cut out on me sometimes if the end of the cable is shifted a certain way. I am thinking of getting this 12' monster cable:
Is this a really good quality cable or does anyone recommend something else. Is it possible I will notice an ever so slight improvement in sound quality as well do to better noise shielding? btw, I am trying to stick to cables with a right angle connector (makes it easier to play sitting down) Thank you.
monster cable is the best way to go, lots of signal shielding and harmonics are sweet on monster cable
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yeah, you'll get a slightly better sound, but it's way more reliable.

Yeah, they are good.

Look at planet waves classic (mid range cables, high quality and very durable) and Custom cables (High end cables, Very high quality and very durable).

I have one of the classic in 20" angled and it is great, it's nice and soft so the cable can't break inside. Thats the problem I have come into contact with with cheaper cables.
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