what is a good amount of wattage for a bass for band practices.. we havent started practicing yet so i dont need to worry about gigs yet..

also what company makes pretty decent bass amps?

i was looking at the crate bt220 but idk if i need that much or not..

we're going to be playing punk if that helps
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For practise 60+ watts should work well (assuming you need to be heard over drums)
I got by for a while on 30 watts but it wasn't a good sound as had to be turned up very high.
And for makes, whats your budget?
Have a look at: Ashdown and Hartke, not really sure though, I've never really played punk.

Edit: that Crate looks pretty good, got reasonable reviews on musiciansfiend
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my budget will be about $400 after i buy my new bass.. but it increases every week so i can save up if i need too
"Deaf Be The God Who Was Deaf To Our Prayers"- Heaven Shall Burn
If you need to be heard over drums then check out the Crate BFX100. It's what I have and It's a really nice amp. It has tons of features too.
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I have 250W and it's great for practicing and gigging. I couldn't imagine anything less.
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i think you should settle for no less than 700 watts like me
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