Hey guys,

Need some help on effect pedals. First off...

I need a wah pedal!

Looking to buy my first wah. Want a warm-sounding wah with a good sweep. I don't really know how to describe wah sounds 'cos I'm knew to them, but I like the sound of the Vox V847. My only concern is how does it take to distortion? I play a lot of old-school Metallica-type solos, fast arpeggios etc, so I need it to work for high-gain.

And secondly...

New phaser?

I currently own an EHX Small Stone phaser. I bought it off eBay and it came in a pretty ancient looking box. It didn't have a standard 9-volt adaptor; it had a weird hole that I had to buy a different adaptor for. I love phasers, but whenever I've used this one, it seems to suck a lot of tone; all I get is a bit of "swoosh" and a lot of mush! Seems very muddy and instead of sweeping all the frequencies nicely, fully and lushly (is that a word?) it seems to compress my tone and just sweep that.

Have I bought a dodgy/broken old phaser? Or is the Small Stone not as good as say, the MXR Phase 90? Should I buy a new Small Stone, a different phaser, or is there something wrong with mine?

The Vox V847 is being re released next month with a better model (i have heard) so it will be true bypass (does not effect your tone while off) and will be mains power able (it has to be modded atm).

The MXR Phase 90s are renowned for there sound (haha rhymes) so it might just be your phaser is just not as good as others you have heard. I haven't ever experienced a small stone so I dont know how they are supposed to sound. look at www.harmony-central.com/User_Reviews and see what other people say about them.
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Thanks man. Anyone agree with the V847A suggestion? Anyone else think I should get rid of my Small Stone for a Phase 90?
ive actually messed around with phasers alot, i use a MXR Phase 90 in the studio, amazing phaser, alot better than EH, i honestly dont see the hype of EH stuff, it adds alot of unwanted characteristics to my tone everytime, the Digitech Hyperphase isnt bad either and its rather inexpensive compared to boss or EH, for wahs ive always used my Dunlop Crybaby, had it since 1989, never needed another
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