So basically the only thing I would want to do after high school would be to get a job in music, be it a teacher/composer/in a band ect. Im wondering what the reqs are to get a into a good college for music. Hears the problem: my high school cut the music program last year. RIght now im a sophmore, so ive still got 2 years left. i was in band class from 5th grade up until 8th, so i know a good deal of theory and what not. Is it even going to be possible for me to study music at college or am i ****ed?
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Four years studying music? That ain't bad. After four years of being in band, you should probably have enough of a foundation to branch out on your own by now. As long as you keep learning and developing your skills and knowledge, I think you'll be well-qualified.
Im wondering what a college would do though when they see that i was self taught vs. someone who was in band their whole time in high school? is there anything i could do music wise that would look good on a college application?
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self taught may show as a better thing...you can teach yourself...besides...i think you have to be like tested if you want in that area...like college will test you.
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Actually you should have no problem. Look around online to see what universties are in your area, or wherever you would be willing to go to. Then see which ones have a music program, and find out their entrance requirements. The fact that you don't have a music program at your high school won't matter. As long as you get good enough grades to get in to a university, you can major in music. I go to a school called Cal Poly Pomona in California. It's known for it's engineering program, but I'm a business major. However they have a music program that's pretty good. You can major in music, and choose an emphasis on education (if you would like to one day teach music), industry (if you want to work in production, business, corporate, etc.), interdisciplinary (a little of everything), or performance (this should speak for itself). And remember, this is just at my school. You might be able to find one with even more options and an even better reputation. So you have a lot of choices either way. I hope this helps, good luck and remember you still have plenty of time to make a decision.
4 year programs will star at the basics(like major scale) so as long as you are dedicated to learn it will be fine
Quote by gregevans209
Hears the problem: my high school cut the music program last year.

I don't have any musical qualifications at all, and I've just got into a Music degree (in the uk).
I played my two prepared pieces at my interview, answered some questions (not all correctly) and told them I can't sight read very well but I'm working on it and they let me in - as long as you show some skill and a willingness to learn you will be fine.
Good luck and I hope you get where you want to.
Thanks for all the help guys
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keep learning on your own


where i go to school, theres this thing that says if a class is unavailable from the school, and the state college offers it, you can take it there, paid by the state, and this is what im most likely going to do my junior and senior year with music theory, so talk to the principal or something at your school, see if theres something like that
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they normally require an audition, that's what they care about really

private instruction is key though
Well i'm planning on going into like jazz school once i leave high school (i'm gonna try) but i've never been in band. really all the colleges i've looked at have said this is whats going to happen

you will be audtioned where you will

1) perform a few classical pieces and improvise
2) play a original compsotion that is longer than 5 minutes
3) interviewed

really thats pretty hard..so i'm gonna get a teacher to prepare me for this stuff, which is highly recommended. But i don't know, i've only been playing 5 months, and i'm 16 (as of last month) so i've been practicing alot.
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I would recommend that you double major in something. Keep your grades up in the meantime, stuff changes after high school and you never know when the past will come back on your. I would also recommend getting any type of music job you can right now. Things that come to mind right now are music store assistant, piano tuner, coach at a kid's music camp, etc. All of that looks good on a resume. If you don't have a private instructor right now, get one. I know some colleges that require you have at least a few years of FORMAL instruction.
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Definately get private instruction. Most post secondary institutions are still very concerned with grades even if you are appying for music. Keep you grades up so that they don't become a problem.

Start studying jazz or classical guitar/music, with your soon to be found private instructor.

You have a fair bit of time. If you keep your head down more than less, you will be fine.
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if your good enough to get in, then you will get in. there are things called auditions. contact the colleges your interested in and find out their specific requirments, and prepare that way.
Private instruction, as said before... as EZLN libertad said, see if you can take courses at a local college.

Another important thing; ask the colleges that you want to go to what their requirements for getting into the program are. I am in music classes in college with people who came in with no instrumental skill, or sometimes no theoretical knowledge, but they got in by working hard to bring their level up with the class. Not all colleges will be like this, but that's why you need to ask.
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