Whats the best way to start recording your music? I want to start recording some of my riffs and the like, and I have about £120 to buy something to get me started. I want to do it all through my comouter, preferably with as little hassle as possible. Any recommendations?
Line 6 Toneport UX1 or UX2 gives you everything you need. The UX2 has onboard VU meters and phantom power.
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i agree with the toneport reccomendation, the zoom g series multifx are another option to look into.
TonepOrt >>>> ZOOM G2..

I've had both. The TonepOrt is great, pretty easy to use. I have the UX1, You don't need the UX2 if it's just home use since you can't play 2 instruments at once really.

The TonepOrt is definitely the way to go IMO.
you can buy a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter cheap. plug it into you PC's mic port. then start recording.
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I think the UX1 is in your range

Great computer interface recording

The black box is pretty good too, I think its 170 with a pedal upgrade on musicansfriend!
Yes, a toneport would be a very good option. Someday, I would definitely pick up a Shure Sm57 microphone, as it will increase the quality of your recordings immensely, but for now just the toneport by itself will work.
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