Like when your listening to metal and they get that loud, thunderous BOOM that only a bass could make. How do they do that? Do they just hit the string hard or what?

I know this may be a dumb question but please help anyway.
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like a bass drop?

low, low tunings and an active bass really help. i can roll up my bass control to do it then put it back for the rest.
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bass all the way up, mids a 1/4 way and highs half way. unless u want more punch

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My thoughts exactly

Honestly I'm not sure what you mean by "BOOM", but then, I don't listen to much metal. Dynamite-loaded amps come to mind. Or explosive bass drums. Worked for The Who.
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If you have low-mids (or, on a graphic EQ, 100-300Hz), crank those suckers. You get a really loud, resonate-y boom. Keep in mind your tone will mud up and lose all clarity.
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^ That's not true. I boost my 125Hz and 250Hz by about 9dB and if anything I get more cut through and more growl, or more balls. I never get muddy, and I'm using a 1x15 plus horn. I use this EQ with my band (and very slight attenuation of highs) and I cut through great. I find that I actually turn up less compared to a smiley or flat EQ.

It can get muddy if I boost the 30Hz or if I boost the 64Hz too much.
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If by boom you mean a kinda hip-hop bass sound then you can try and find a Submarine bass pedal (try Ebay), it's a tone pedal, though it doesn't boost any frecuencies, it cuts them but it shapes it and gives it that hiphop sound I'm describing. I could be more helpful if you described the tone your looking for.
I say it's EQ settings.

Set your amp to FULL BASS (obviously) and set the treble to half. If you have two mids then turn the lo-mids up to 3/4 and leave the hi-mids at half, otherwise set your mids in between.

AFTER THAT, get yourself an EQ (any one will do, I use an overdrive pedal 2-band EQ) and for a 2-band set the highs to mid and the lows to about 3/4. For 3 or more set it up in stages between the two, with more enphasis on the lower frequencies.

I agree with Fast_Bear, picking hard close to the bridge works. But you don't need that much definition, you do however need some, otherwise you sound like MUD!

Finally, pick up your bass and rock the house down!
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