The band "The Pro-Paco Overload" is going to play at a show in Tomstone, AZ at Tombstone High School on May 18, 2007 time TBA. If you saw this thread earlier, the show has been cancled until the later date for many reasons, mainly the whole Easter thing.

If you want to hear a band with a new sound with lyrics you can really sink your teeth into and digest, then you should come out and hear us. We where inspired by a mix of psychedelic rock, grunge rock, alteravtive rock, and progressive rock, but we really can't describe The Pro-Paco Overload as any one of those. Some have called us a mix of The Beatles, Nirvana, and Captain Beefheart & His Magical Band.

The show is free, all you have to do is show up and participate in the crowd. (The show is still free.)
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We need to get a website up. All we need to do is record some songs and get some pics going on. I'll post it a.s.a.p.