hi, i play alotta guns n roses mostly, slash generally uses half step down tuning. i have it tuned and set up at normal tuning, with nice low action how i like it, and intonation perfecto. wondering if i change the tuning to half step down, will i need to raise action? given ive got it set up just above where fret buzz occurs, (all strings inside 2mm from last fret). im thinking there will be more fret buzz, and flatter strings vibrate more (ie a bass' strings need to be higher right?) anyone who has experience with this?? thanks
Are you playing a guitar with a tremelo? If you are it will sit lower when you back off the tuning.

Seriously though, suck it and see. Back you tuning off a halfstep and then check your action. It'll take you a couple of minutes to know for sure. If the strings do get a bit floppy and buzzy, try a slightly higher string guage.
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Just move it around the fretboard
I got a regular tune-o-matic bridge and all that, and I get some fret buzz when I lower the action, but I'm tuning down to like, A# standard on a regular 6 string (3 steps down) and the frets get buzzy... but if you're only tuning down 1/2 a step, I wouldn't think there would be that much of a problem.