Up till now I've avoided any tabs that require you to drop down 1/2, that uses 'Drop D tuning' and anything else that isn't the standard EADGBE tuning. This of course limits me but it's a gap in my knowledge I would like to fill.

So what exactly do I do to Drop Down ½ a Step?
I understand a bit of theory, 1/2 a step being from D to C# for example but with the use of an electric tuner, how would I tube down 1/2 a step?

Thanks for any help

for an electric tuner: tune it so the 1st fret on the big E string is an E

to drop d: you tune the low E to a D and you donot change the other strings tuning
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lol well its quite simple

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

There ya go thats wt it would be on a tuner
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just go
thats all a step is a tone and a halfstep is a semi tone, ubless your tuner doesnt do semi tones in which case tune low E to the 6th fret of your A string and continue down in 5ths
Really.. if you want to learn songs half a step down.. like in Eb
you really don't have to do anything... if you play it in standard... it'll sound very similiar
but slightly higher pitched

for drop D... if you know any songs... like Remedy by Seether is a good example... those power chords... I just strum the 3 top strings while on the


like that... and just tune it down until the power chord sounds cool... it isn't very hard and improves your ears... but I just don't like have to use an electric tuner for one string...
but yeah hopefully that is somewhat helpfull
you don't need to tune differently to play songs that are 1/2 step down.

just move the key up a semi-tone.
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to drop down half a step you will need a tuner. It doesn't matter whether it is electric or a pitch pipe. If you have an electric tuner, then you know that it always shows standard tuning when you pluck the string. There should be a flat(b) button on the tuner. Hit this, and everything will be lowered a half step such as making E to D#, A to G#, D to C#, G to F#, and B to A#. While it is tuned to lower notes, think of it as the same concept as standard tuning. Otherwise you can always play songs that are half a step down in regular tuning. Don't change anything, as in play the tab as it is and it will only be a half step higher. If you don't u don't understand then just write back and ill explain better.
With an electronic tuner, all u need to do, is press the step up/down button (assuming that ur tuner has one) until the little 'b' comes up on the display.

to tune down to do, i just pick the 6th n 4th strings together, n tune the 6th down until its in pitch with the 4th.
Drop D Tuning is simply as follows...

You only change the tuning of the Low E DOWN to a D
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Thanks for the many helpful replies.
I'll need to go out and get an electric tuner that shows sharp and flats .. my current is simple and only has +50 and -50 either end of the scale with no 'drop d' or other tuning.
Till then I'll play songs in tandard tuning.