Ew, gross.

I'm not really watching this, but it's on BBC Three right now.

I just looked up and saw some animal (not sure what) cut half open and bleeding like heck. Not pretty. Then they cut the head off it.

But still, I meat.

Is anyone else watching this? / What are your thoughts on how meat is killed etc.?
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But still, I meat.

we all know that
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This show made my girlfriend throw up lol. awww.

My thoughts...well, the show will turn a lot of people vegetarian if nothing else.

the way the meat is prepared nowadays, is so much more humane than it was years ago, when the animals were just hung upside down n had their throats cut. at least now they stun them so they dont feel it.

...whens Prison Break on next?
I just watched it on youtube, the slaughtering done there is way more humane then the slaughtering done at a lot of different places, so if the show is trying to show how humane slaughtering is, it's biased (of course).
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I love meat, but I'm starting vegetarianism tomorrow for the sake of my own health. I think a good 3-4 months on a vegetarian diet will help flush out a lot of the bad food I've recently put in it.
Poor advice.
It wouldn't turn me vegetarian. I kill my own animals and eat them.
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