ok i am a senior in high school....so as summer time comes, seniors usually go on a senior trip, but i will be working a lot then and probably wont get time off to go on a trip.....so i decided to get a really nice guitar with the money i would spend on a trip.....right now im thinking between a jackson RR5 or a Gibson Studio.....i play a lot of older metal and some progressive stuff. so what is your opinion about these two guitars.....or do you recomend me checking something else out?

i recommend "go to spring break" bYAHH!!!
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i'd get an ibanez because they're awesome.
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wrong-o forum-o

i'd get an ibanez because they're awesome.

you took my words lol
i think you should check out the js ibanez 1200...these guitars offer alot in the genre of progressive and others such as blues ..rock...and metal.....they are also good for getting out a high quality sound...they work well with over drive aswell as distortion...they are basically an all purpose rock guitar.