I'm going to start learning a few solos as my chord changing / strumming has come along quite well. I understand the common tab notation but when do I do when I see something like:


I need to end up on the 7th fret but where do I start the slide from?
3/5 for example would be to pick the 3rd fret and slide down to 5th .. but when
I see /4 .. would I pick the open note and slide from 1st to 4th?

An example of where these appear is the Let it be solo:

Would appreciate the help
It means from anywhere. If you do it fast enough from one fret itll sound the same from sliding from another. Aslong as you still slide to the note
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So I'd be fine sliding from the fret before?
So /5 would be like hammer on 4 and slide to 5th?
yea, i usualy slide form 2 frets before it just to be sure
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^ Happy days, thanks for the help then ... that's a few more tabs now I don't have to avoid. =D