it was ok, but sort of repetitive. You didnt take the time to make it musically correct (4 beats/measure, etc. etc.) but thats fine cause i didnt either. but when it comes to the real thing. It sounds more like a one guitar deal since its easy to sing to, and has a decent solo for an ameteur. its ok, i guess.
I think it's a good start, but needs a lot of work.

That intro part doesn't flow very well into the next part. Either that first four bars needs to go, or you need to change something so it flows better.

The solo sounds pretty good. But then that little thing after the solo was... boring.

Like I said, it has a good start, but needs some finishing.

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Like the guys above have said, it's got potential to be pretty good, but your tabbing skills and musicality skills need some work. Decent solo by the way. Repost it if you fix everything, i'm sure there'll be more positive comments then.
ok.. for a start, it needs a lot of work...
You should probably set a tempo, and work on transitions between parts, so you get a good flow, and when you feel like that it all works as a whole, you should introduce more instruments, to add to it, and harmonize, that would be good, so work on it, and i think you could have a decent song on your hands!
well i cant make everything musically correct cos im just too lazy.

i wrote it like this becuase.

1. it sounds a lot better with drums


2. its just me and my bassist on the strings. i cant put it another guitarist cos its useless.

i dont consider myself an amateur at guitar, but definatly at writing music.
Sounds a bit off when going from each part of the sing, like the intro to the bit after, no real kinda..flowing into it.
I quite liked the solo though
Maybe a slower decrease in tempo towards the end, intervals of 5 might sound better

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