I was at a local store recently and I was browsing the amp section and they had amps but a company called Orange. I've never heard of them before, does anyone here know if they are any good?
Orange is a very nice amp company. Good quality, great tone.
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Their guitar amps seems solid, plus they look pretty unique. I don't know how much they run/ if they're worth the price though, which can happen with products with a novelty grab.
Ill have to try them out then. They're apperance caught my eye and I became interested in them so maybe Ill check one out next time Im in the market for a new amp. Thanks.
They're very high end. Take a look at the price tag. Mostly Tube/Valve/Whatever, but they do make SS as well.

I would assume their stuff is very good, considering just a 4x12 guitar cab costs over $1,000 USD. They have this new head, it's 200w all tube, and it's switchable between Bass and Guitar, like it actually has a switch. I'd like to try that. Except that too is over $1,000 USD.
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I haven't played/heard them personally, but I was under the impression that they were like, the be-all-and-end-all of Bass Amps / Heads (I think it was more heads??) - of course that feedback was referring to the old tube/valve (none factory ones)Amps / Heads.

Also it seems that the brand is very high-end, hence why most people either won't know anything about them or wouldn't have played one.
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they are very good vintage style amps, but very very expensive, and not great if you play metal.

most places like guitar centers dont stock them because generally people that buy them go to high end stores or order from the company itself as far as i know
Parker_muse swears by them.

Because the are pure ownage.
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You sir, are correct.
We've had some bands that played orange amps in the venue I work for. Great amps and great tone. A bit pricey tough. I know a lot of guitarplayers (mostly rock and alternative it seems) who swear by Orange guitaramps. Haven't heard much of bassplayers. I know John Swift has one. I think if you send him a PM, he'll be more than happy to share his wisdom with you.
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I love orange bass amps, my local music store had a head and 4x10 in for a brief amount of time and it was such a lovely amp! Their practice amps are also very good
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believe there's an orange thread in the GG&A thread. but it's about guitar amps, may wanna give them a run though.
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they're good but expencive as hell. clutch uses them.
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they make a shit hot guitar amp and their bass gear isnt that bad but i dont really believe it warrants the price tag


all the guitar on that was put through a orange rockerverb 50watt head and a orange 4*12 cab so the guitar amps are of great quality
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