I'm willing to be a drummer for anybody in in the Macomb/Sterling Heights/Shelby/Utica/Clinton Township, Michigan area. If your interested, post your age, and influences (and your current situation, ie; if your currently in a band, etcc..)
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dammit i live in bloomfield
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dam im in white lake, hey im right by bloomfield
i play guitar around 2 and half years, metal, rock, punk,
not in a band but i got some people that play guitar and bass
i like really anything that is jammin
latinosuperstud pm me or sumthin

EDIT: im 16

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i have a band and we need a drummer, im 16, the other guitarist is 20, the bass player is 18, the singers are 20, and 17. we are in vassar. its a drive for you. but we are a metal band. pantera is prolly the biggest influence. pm me back
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Whats goin on, Im from Shelby twp. im currently in Iraq, but am coming home next month. Im a guitar player, looking to just have some fun, Jam, play some covers, maybe get some shows in. Im 26, been playing since I was 15. Influences range anywhere from Metallica, Pantera, to Stevie ray Vaughan, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Doors. Anyone that might be interested, email me at jkeeton81@yahoo.com. Thanks
well i live in Ann arbor area, I play bass and im looking to start a band. Im 16, I listen to metal ( SOAD, slipknot, Metallica megadeth) and alt rock like Red hot chili peppers,and i am looking to start a alt rock band.
me and buddy both guitar players ages 21 looking for drummer both live in same area as you. Influences Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Shinedown, Black Label Society, Joe Bonamassa, Guns N' Roses Stone Sour etc...
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hey, im in casco (new baltimore area) its near macomb, right now its just me and my friend i play bass he plays guitar, we are talking to a vocalist, and really need a drummer. influences are slipknot, avenged sevenfold, atreyu, bullet for my valentine, ozzy and sabbath, anthrax, metallica