you comment 5 (or any amount) of my songs on dmusic, ill return the favor, just give me your dmusic URL ( i prefer you comment "acoustic bass experiment, this is quiet so turn volume up, full instrumental, no bass only electric and drums, and then any others,)

mine= http://fenderbender2joe.dmusic.com/music/

EDIT: make the comments on Dmusic, then just leave your URL in this thread.

P.S. i dont know if this is the wrong forum, i was thinking of putting it in riffs and recordings, but i decided to put it here. sorry mods if i shouldnt have put it here.
My Music
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my gear:
fender stratocaster american deluxe SSS(s1)
G-DEC 30W amp
custom carrying case
jasmine by takamine acoustic
silvertone acoustic

i think it is and don't worry someone will shut it down or what evr it is they do lol