open my computer
right click c:
select properties

edit: unless you have multiple hard drives installed, in which case, add the free space of all of them (you can tell if you have more than 1 object under "hard disk drives")
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go to My Computer then right-click on the C drive (or whatever your hard drive is). Go to "Properties" and wha-la.
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How do I view how much space I have on my computer?
I have Windows XP.

Is that DeviantArt gallery even yours?
12.6 is big enough, but it's not a lot. Depends what you wanna use it for. if you go by ipods, 1 gig is about 200 songs or so.

PlayTheEdit: I have 5000 some songs on my comp and it takes up about 20 gigs
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I have 199 gigs left on my computer for space.

i have 196
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Is 12.6 GB's a lot of space?

Its not alot, but its fine. I think i have about 9 left.
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hahaha yes it is. Why?

Hehe, I just figured a man with a gallery like that would know his way around his gigabytes.