vocals aren't done yet (still waiting till i have an empty house lol)

please offer some constructive criticism. especially when it comes to mixing and shit as i really have no ****ing clue what I'm doing in that respect.
I tried posting it in the guitar forum but no one responded so all comments are appreciated.
all instruments (guitar/bass) me. except drums are from acoustica beatcraft


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if u put it in MP3 for me on soundclick or dmusic, or hosting sites like that ill listen, sorry dont got much more room on this computer
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u need it on mp3....16 mb is huge...but otherwise....

it definitely could be good....its not really creative in some parts...and i didnt much care for the acoustic part at 2 30 secs or w/e.....i really liked the solo at about 5 minutes...the second acoustic guitar part,the solo thing,it sounds too hispanic to really be metal....but yaa

good vocals/lyrics and some better recording and this could be a good song....you definitely have talent