Yeah, so some of the people i hang out with at skool, are just ignorant little pricks...I'l be talkin bout music with sum friends and ska will come up, and they say "ska is like salsa, and the maraccas piss me off" and i just stand there and wonder the the f*** there talking bout.

Anyways has this happened to anyone else?
Lol. Some asshole makes a thread like this every god damned day. "The kids at school think Green Day are so punx." "The kids at school don't appreciate the Ramones." "The kids at school don't like ska." Shut the **** up. If you spend your life worrying about what the kids at school think, you'll never get anywhere. Yes they may be ignorant, but there's no need to come here and complain about it. Just shut the **** up and accept that there will be people in life who will disagree with you.
yes, just because they don't agree with your opinion makes them ignorant

maybe you should check your spelling before you call someone else ignorant
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Thank you, you've remembered me why I hate so much ska. And I hate your spelling too.
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A recent study shows that 8% of teenagers listen to nothing but music with guitars in it. Put this in your sig if you're one of the 92% who aren't close-minded morons.
It's seriously not cool to like music that other people like.

That's why to you, they're not as cool as you, but to them, you're a nerd.

And that, is why you shouldn't worry about what people say, because all the people who ever said bad stuff to me are now mechanics, supermarket trolley assistants, friends, teachers or dole scum. Or a combination of the above.

Rise above it, like in the black flag song, "Rise Above". Let the peace it preaches soothe your heart.

Don't turn to smack to solve your problems. remember that there's people who care.

Those people are trash kittens, and we love you
I have to admit, the first time I heard ska it instantly reminded me of Mexico. But yeah, ska is pretty much one of the sweetest genres of music around.
ska reminds me of southern california, not mexico. although, i've never been to either.

Ska is too laid back for my liking. I love some of the Specials' lyrics, particularly the social commentaries, but they don't sound angry.
My advice would be
1. quit school
2. go find some people that know about ska
3. chill with them

Stop Fucking Whining.
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don't be so hard on the guy. Everyone knows that french canadians are crazy.

check that south park episode.
For ****'s sake, what is it with people in this forum wanting to moan about others not liking their music!?

There are people that don't like all types of music and want to tell the world; live with it.
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That's when you know you found somebody special. When you can just shut the f*ck up for a minute, and comfortably share silence.