Does anyone know who else manufactures Rhoads shaped Vs besides Jackson, Kramer and ESP? I'm not just asking for big names. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
The Epiphone Demon V is pretty similar, but good luck finding one. I found mine used in a local shop, it's a 2002 Korean made Limited Edition.

Pickups: "Ultra Hot" Covered Humbuckers
Hardware: Chrome
Scale: 24.75"
Neck Joint: Bolt
Neck Material: Hard Maple with "Super-Slide" Satin Finish
Fingerboard: Select grade, Indian Rosewood
Body Material: Solid tone wood body
Finishes: Metallic Black, Red Metallic, Metallic Light Blue
Other: String-through-body, "Smooth Tone" potentiometers, exclusive 4 blade, 3-way toggle switch

They also have a model with on-board distortion and chorus? Idk what effects, but they have some.
His original polka dot V was made by Karl Sandoval.
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just out of curiosity, why dont u get an ESP or Jackson? Your sig says your have some crappy stuff so why buy more cheap crap?
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I know I just want to see what else is available to me, and I've heard that big name guitar companies sell their stuff for more just because they have their name on it. I don't want to skip out on a good deal, you know?
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Peavey Vortex II (I have one. For sale)

Not to advertise for this guy or anything, but I've played one of those the other day at my local music store, its a wicked guitar, the tremolo seems solid, nice cutaway too!