Im not sure where to put this, but since it involves pedals and amps Ill put it in here. Yesterday I went to a Guitar Center in Maryland to try out noise gates. I asked if I could try them out on a Peavey JSX because it was the closest thing to my amp that they had in the store. The salesperson didn't know if he could do that, so he asked his manager who told me that I had to play the pedals in the display area with the amp that it is hooked up to. It was a Peavey Valveking, so it wasn't too bad, but it just got to me that he is willing to loose a $100 sale because he didn't feel like taking one out of the box and plugging it in for me for 2 minutes. I ended up getting it anyway (and got $20 bucks off!!!), and it works good, but it bothered me about that. In short, is it actually a rule that he couldn't plug the effect into a different amp, or was he just being a lazy shit? Also, post other things about music stores customer service that get to you. Sorry, this was more a vent than anything else
he probably didnt want to plug it in because he knew the ns2 isnt as good as the isp.

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Thats just how guitar center works. That place is a joke.
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How'd you get them to take 20 bucks off? I wanna get a good deal as well. I guess so long as you have cash, they won't wanna lose a sale.
haha..thats crazy...guitar center is crap man...they let everybody do what they want so thats what i do. If i wanna try stuff out, i set up my own little station and bring guitars, pedals, amps and sit for hours just trying stuff out..
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maryland guitar center is especially crap
which one you go to? because there are way better stores very close to two of them
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they prob get paid on commission just be like, god i really want this thing but im down 10 or 20 bucks and theyll be like THATS OK
1. If they wou;dn't do that I would straight up leave and go somewhere where they would plug it into my amp of choice.

2. If you want discount just ask 'How much discount can I get on this' . If they say none. Walk out and go to abetter shop. You can ALWAYS get discount of RRP.
Also if you go to the same shop regularly, try and go to the same saesman every time and they will get to know you and give you more discount if you're a regular customer.

3. I hate it when shops won't write down prices for me so I can go and get other shops to beat it.

Or I started talking to this salesman about FRs and he just started walking over to this old guy looking at Gibsons when I was mid-sentence.

I hate bad service. I just leave and go somewhere else.
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he probably didnt want to plug it in because he knew the ns2 isnt as good as the isp.

Yeah, I was trying to get the ISP, but nowhere stocked it and my mom wont let e buy offline. I'm actually surprised by the NS-2. A lot of people were making out to be a tone-sucker, but I only loose a little of my high end, and it really only effects my playing when I'm doing trills on the high E string. I have to hit it harder or the pedal picks it up as feedback. But other than that it does wonders for my XXX because I have no more feedback!

And to the guy that asked how I got money off, I went in and had a Visa Gift Card thing that had a set amount of money on it ($60). I told him that I had 60 on the card and I would give him $20 cash and he said alright. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I guess because he could tell I was having a rough time being able to try out the thing, and I acted unimpressed, which I hear sometimes works because they know you arent in desperate need in it and they could loose a sale.

To RHCPFan: I went to the one in Rockville. I used to live around there, and I was down there for family stuff. Its a few minutes away from the DC area.
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guitar centers vary from town to town. i've been actually VERy pleased with the one in VA Beach. that may be because i know about half the staff now and have been drinking with them for a while. but that's not all of it. i've seen them service the most experienced virtuoso to the newest 8 year old kid and they've been very helpful. they kept comments to themselves that i would have probably let fly at the customers. so, bravo to those guys. even the guys i dont know are pretty knowledgeable and polite. but i've been to some horrible ones. its all in the management i guess. but yeah, i hate when prices aren't posted. they're usually pretty good about that. but after a while, you start to realize that the stuff they're selling you is pretty much straight from musician's friend. i was weird about ordering gear via mail, because of damage of theft, but that's what thye do. so if you're guitar center is crap, go online. your computer won't be lazy or screw with you. but you can't try stuff out either. eh...