Anyone know what type of wah Clapton used/uses? I"m looking for the wah he used in Cream.
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I know for a fact that it's a vox. Like Jimi.

I suppose they were the first wahs out there...

Anyway it's awesome, I have one and love it.
Well in a Guitar magazine I read it said he had a crybaby. But I honostly think you should get the Vox, compared to most crybabies these days, the Vox should do well for his tone.
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The crybaby classic boasts that he used it in the little card and there is a crybaby at the rock and roll hall of fame and one at the EMP that claim to have been his.
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Correct me if I'm wrong... but Clapton used the American version of the Vox which at that time was called the Crybaby... same as the Vox just had a different name. How the Dunlop Crybaby came about is beyond me...

To the TS, that pedal should do the trick just fine. Vox also has another wah, the V847a. It's a resissued version of the V847. It now has true bypass and an ac jack, its only $100 too. There are some tone variations between the two so it'd be best to try them both. Either will do Clapton just fine though.
He used a Vox, he mentions it in a DVD I've got.

Try both the V847 and Clyde McCoy out and see what you like best.
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