i think it flows, pretty good except the lead seems to be reapeteing alot in the begining, the background has a little too much distortion, like 1 notch at the begining, but then its fine. nice recording quality.

crit mine? links in sig.
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I like it, the guitar is really pretty. As for criticism, some of your solo stuff sounds too staccato, I dont know if you wanted it that way, but I think if you made it a little smoother and held the notes for the whole duration it'd sound nicer. Overall, good job though.

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for the overall content of the song, i really like it. the open string pulloffs are a little offtime but still work pretty well. i like the outro too, the fuzz guitar seems a little bland tonewise, but thats your preference. some nice melodies in the lead as well. i also listened to stand, i really like the acoustic progression, in fact id say i like that one better than the other. nice work, keep it up. mind critting mine?
People seem to like Stand more than any of the other songs i put up there. Im glad people like it so much but I also feel like i have to try to top it on songs I write. Anyways, what would yall suggest for the tone on the rythem?
i like a little more midrange and less treble, but thats just me. dont change it if its the tone that youre looking for, its your music
the guitar was the best the solos need a little more practice and clean up your effects a little but overall good

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Your lead tone. That isn't distorted, you've just got a lot of sustain on it. Or it could be a really low end distortion?
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the lead has the same amount of distortion on it as the rythem. its about 2/3rds fuzz distortion.
I didn't mind the tone, even though it was really fuzzy, but I think you could have used it to your advantage more and played like a grunge band - which would mean definitely changing the lead tone.
i listened to both songs. ****ing great. timing is perfect got nothing to crit. which recording software do you use? i like the tapping thing in new untitled song.