-What of this World-

I've woken up from a dream, convinced it was reality.
Checking to see that everything I felt was indeed the truth.
And sadly enough, it was.
My hopes shattered.
My heart broken.
Everything I seen was a lie.
A fallacy.
A mistaken fantasy.
A world where anything was possible.
Until I awoke.
The silence broke.
The peace and love become undone,
In a world that is almost hell...

Black hearts of doom fill my head as I lay my head to rest
I ponder...
"What of this world?"
Demon personalities and greedy people...what not to love?
If only...
If only there was a way to change people...
Money, perhaps?
...No...not money...that's the source of this whole mess.
Damn. Now what?
Grant everyone's wish?
Maybe out of the millions of people, someone is wanting peace.
It's going to take more than one person to convince crowds of humans that this is the righteous path. Peace.
And in these final hours, I will not be denied.
Mark my Words. I will not be denied.
I will commit to making the masses change their minds.
I will not be denied...