Accidently put this in the wrong place, so I'll try this again...here's the thing...

There'll be a talent show at my school soon, and since my drummer and me can't get our shiit straight, I'm going to have to go solo, if I even go at all. I want to...you know...just to have fun. I don't expect to win. I want to get up there and advertise. I want to put a band together, but in this area, it's quite impossible. I want to create something awesome...something they won't forget. I already have a reputation for being one of the best in school, but that's only on an acoustic.

I really want to work on my lead. I can sweep pick, tap, and just about anything you can throw at me, but what I really want/need is new material to try it out on. So it would help if you'd give me some new material to practice...whether it'd be something you tabbed out here in this thread or just recommend something for a song. Any input is appreciated...thanks!