Does anybody have any experience with this mod or any of these switches, or does anybody know if itll work?
I was thinking about doing this on a strat type guitar with a S/S/H configuration with a fender vintage noiseless in the neck the stock pickup in the middle and a dimarzio fred at the bridge. How would this sound.. and would the phase switch be useful?

any help is greatly appreciated,thanks in advance

I can't tell you about that specific mod, but I've done some mods to my Strat, including phase reversal. The middle pickup is always out of phase and the neck has an out of phase switch on it. I personally really like the out of phase sounds that I can get; they're really treble-ly and thin. It sounds pretty cool. Good luck on your mod, if you chose to do it!
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I am familiar with that mod, the switches, and yes it does work. I guess I should know - I designed it.
Yep, that is my website.
You'd be surprised how well that circuit works with just 3 single coils. Do you really need a humbucker in the bridge?
well wolf first of all thanks for designing that mod and second of all the body already has a space for the humbucker and i kinda like the sound of a humbucker in the bridge better anyway than a single coil..... but anyway would the humbuker still work with this having the vintage noiseless single in the neck....single in the middle and the dimarzio fred at the bridge?

also what which dpdt abd spst switches would i need since there are different amp values?
I wouldn't worry about the switches being able to handle the small amount of current.
I'd say your only concerns should be
1) the size of the switches (will they all fit in the guitar cavity)?
2) the "action" of the switches. By that I mean, it should not require a lot of force to flip the switch. For example, this kind of switch:
fails requirement 1 & 2.

I generally try to use the smallest switches I can. (Micro-miniature or whatever the current phrase is for really small switches ... sub-mini-micro-miniature ??? ) Any switch that has the phrase "heavy-duty" should be avoided.

The first photo on the page:
should give you an idea of the switch sizes you need.

I do not know how a humbucker will sound with two single coils. The modification was meant for 3 single coils particularly for the middle and bridge in series option - something you could never get from a stock Stratocaster. Basically, those 2 single coils in series are a true humbucking pickup (provided the middle coil is RWRP (reverse wired reverse polarity).

Well, I guess you have enough to think about with the above posting.
I designed the Ultra Strat Mod for 2 DPDT switches and 3 SPST switches.

As far as that circuit from guitar fetish, that is on my guitar page 3 and (as far as I know) was created by John Atchley. He has said that
I've quit building these particular modifications because I didn't find the phasing to be that tonally useful

I think that is going overboard concerning phasing. To me, a much more usable sound is having the ability to get 2 of the single coils in series.
I put in the guitarfetish superstrat mod on my strat copy, you can get some cool sounds out of it....
will this mod work with a humbucker (that has 4 wires or possible 2 wires but im pretty sure it has 4). and if not what features of the mod would i have to drop.. because i really wanted the 3 on of switches and i saw the parallel and the phase switches as bonuses
You could wire this just as if the bridge humbucker is really a "single coil". However, bringing a humbucker into the circuit only increases the tone possibilities.
If you have four wires coming out of that humbucker, I think it would be well worth it to add a DPDT switch for series parallel wiring. Of course that introduces a 6th switch so if that were me, I'd eliminate the phase switch and keep it down to 5 switches.

Remember, my circuit has some "dead" spots. So, if you want all 3 pickups in parallel, it won't work. Still, the sonic possibilities are incredible.
i installed the ultra strat mod
not myslelf-by a local tech
damn thing sounded horrible i got it taken out after one week with it
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If it did sound horrible, then it was not installed properly. It still should allow you to have the 5 tones that you already had with the 5 way switch. So, how could those 5 tones sound worse than they already did?
If the installation was done properly, then I guess you think the series sounds or the out of phase sounds were horrible. If that's the case then what is the point of this forum? Isn't this a place where we can discuss wirings that are not what you can get from the factory settings?
Hey wolf it seems like they are wiring the 4 condutor humbucker that i want like a single coil with 2 wires


So could i still use your diagram with my H/S/S configuration?

and if i cant then what feature would i have to drop to make it work or how could i change ur diagram to make it work?
I'm working on a diagram for wiring the coils in parallel. You will be able to select any combination (each individual pickup, all 3 (n m & b), n&m, n&b, m&b) for a total of 7 combinations.
I think a 4th switch should be added to the humbucker so that you can get a selection between series and parallel.

Sorry for taking a while on this but I do work a full time job besides maintaining the website.

I think you'll like the final design.
hey wolf i really appreciate u helping me with this and making me a diagram... but do you think that u could still put the series/parallel swtich in there as well as the phase switch....how many switches will there be total? thanks
and also would i be able to switch between using the humbucker and selecting just one of the single coils out of the humbucker? ( coil tap i believe is what they call it)
^It's called coil split. Coil tap is a completely different story.

You will be able to do this if your humbucker has four conductors, four wires. Check it out.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Okay here is your diagram.

I suppose a word or two of explanation might be necessary.
The wire colors are based on the DiMarzio wire codes. (Okay, I had to use gray to represent white)
The switch on the left is a DPDT (no center position), phase switch.
It will put the bridge humbucker in and out of phase with either the neck coil, the middle coil or both.
The switch on the right is a DPDT on/on/on type of switch.
Go to my site here:
scroll down about a quarter of the way, and look for the DPDT Switch section.
You see diagram 'D'? That is the type of switch you want to get.

This circuit will produce the following tones:
neck only
middle only
bridge humbucker only
neck & middle in parallel
neck & bridge in parallel
middle & bridge in parallel
all 3 in parallel

The switch on the right allows you to switch between series and parallel wiring for the humbucker and allows for a coil cut too. (If you have 4 wires coming out of a humbucker, it is worth getting its full tonal range don't you think?)

The 3 middle switches which control switching each pickup on and off are just 3 SPST switches - very easy to find.

With the choice of any or all coil selections, the series/coil-cut/parallel switch and the phase switch, I think you'll have a lot of variety to experiment with.

If you or other UG members find any errors in the circuit, just post those in this thread. I will check back from time to time.

Good luck JLink.
thank you very much wolf i really appreciate your help and hard work i will let u know how it is when i install this..... i should be getting it done within the next month or so
also one last question..... do you guys think that itll be much better to sheild the guitar? since i would already have a humbucker, standard single coil, and a fender vintage noiseless would this really make that much of a difference?
^It doesn't seem to be a lot of work, and it doesn't harm. I would do it if your guitar is already open.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
hey wolf can the ultra strat mod be done if there is a humbucker at both the neck and bridge with a single coil in the middle

Do you just want to wire in the humbuckers with no tone choices or do you want something like I posted above?

I'd think that to save space, I'd get rid of the phase switch and wire that switch so you could get series/coil cut/ parallel options out of the neck humbucker.
hey wolf this is jlink18 from awhile ago... i was unable to finish my project until now and i was wondering if you could re draw me the diagram showing me where the tone and volume pots should go.. i want to have a 500k volume and 500k tone pot for the humbucker and a 250k volume and 250k tone pot for the single coils... so i wanted to have 4 pots total.. is this possible? and if it is could you redraw the diagram showing me where they would go? thanks a lot
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I put in the guitarfetish superstrat mod on my strat copy, you can get some cool sounds out of it....

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does anybody know where the pots would go in the diagram at the top of the page?
Hello Again,
Okay, I drew another diagram.

I haven't had much chance to check it but I think it should work for you.
thank you very much wolf but i forgot to state that i will be using a volume and tone for the single coils and another volume and tone for the humbucker so ill have 4 pots total with seperate controls for each style of pickup.... so how would i wire those 4 pots?

2 for single coils
2 for humbucker
I have a single coil 2 wire (N) single coil 1 wire (M) a humbucker 1 wire (B) 2 single pull SW/1 phaze SW 1 tone 1 volume any ideas?
I was reading your work WOLF and I was wondering if you could help me wire this guitar a new way to get a different sound out of it. I am new at this site so if you reply could you say sofa king in it so I know that your talking to me. Thank You Very Much!
If anyone else has any ideas I am very interested in knowing. so please tell me. Thank you!
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