When I burn CDs, sometimes some of the songs will come out, like, "warped". The song will be garbled in certain spots.

Is the song protected or something?


Also, I use a variety of blank CDs, and Windows Media Player for burning. Which uses a program called something like Roxio.
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Are you sure it's not the song itself?
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try using a different program to burn it with, just google free cd burning software.
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burn it slower

and that too, burning stuff at a higher speed allows major mistakes to happen every once in a while.
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Try cleaning out your disk drive
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I use a program called "burrrn" (I think) To burn CD's, its alot more stable than most other programs and is free.

This sounds like you have your burn speed to fast though.
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Hey people, while on the subject of burning I'd like to ask a question too... Whenever I burn a CD, 1 speaker ends up getting one guitar, and the other gets the other. I've noticed this in many songs where usually both guitars would come out each speaker. Is it just the quality of the disc?