So I've made up my mind that i'm gonna buy a PRS SE Custom after I played it at a local guitar shop a couple weekends ago, i fell in love with it! but I only had the opportunity to play the stop piece, and am interested in how the tremolo plays. but i also worry about it constantly going out of tune. i'm looking for anyone with experience with this guitar to help me out, b/c i'm lookin to buy come wednesday

I had a Cherry Burst with the trem, and it was fantastic. Every so often after a divebomb or shake with the trem bar, one or two strings would go out of tune, but just a little bit. If you want to change that, just change the tuners, like 50 bucks. Otherwise, the guitar had great sound, excellent playability, and a great feel.
i just bought one a couple days ago with a trem bridge, sounds awesome! it rarely went out of tune when i fooled around with it.... but then again, i bought one that's never been displayed, so it has new strings.
Dude its an awsome guitar and I plan to buy another one either before or after my next strat purchase. The trem is a bit unstable as it isn't the same trem on American PRS guitars and is lighter but it holds its own well. If you do run into problems just get locking tuners which you should get anyway down the line.
PRS Singlecut Trem

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SE Custom is a fantastic piece of kit. The whole guitar plays like a dream for the price and you shouldn't have any trouble with the tremelo. I haven't.
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