Is there a set of strings suitable for playing standard, drop d and even drop c? Right now I use standard guage strings to play in Standard and Drop D tuning, however if I try to tune down to Drop C, they get a bit floppy. So are there strings versatile enough to cover these three tunings? Also, for those of you that use thick gauge strings, do you also use them to play in standard or would they need to be too tight to accomplish that? Thank you.
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D'Addario 9's. I've never seen strings like it before, they can do anything.
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I would have thought any one set of strings could cover all three of those tunings, currently i use 10s for standard and drop D and 11s for drop C, and i never tune the 11s higher than Eb, and even then they feel a little tight.
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I'd suggest either just 10-46 or 10-52 (hybrid set)

Then again, I play in Standard, Drop D, and from time to time, down to C and I only use 9-46.