if its not an epiphone or a gibson dont buy it.
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It isn't, but I was going to make it a project guitar. Strip it all down, refinish it, upgrade hardware...
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if its not an epiphone or a gibson dont buy it.

thats a dumbass thing to say, i bought a 70's Lotus Les Paul copy and fixed it up and it plays like a dream, dont listen to that guy
if you plan on working on it, you might as well get it. it will be cheaper (hopefully) than a real one and will end up the way you want it. it might be a little more tedious work if you find something wrong but the only problem i see at the moment is that it doesnt have any way to send it back for a new one (like you would get out of a catalog).

basically, if you plan on putting time into it anyway, go for it and fix any minor issues it has (being no-name).
Well, it has dings. It's off an auction site. it looks like crap and my initial idea was to carve in a little insert, and make it look like a single cut, LES PAUL FTW!

Then spray on a little Gibson logo. Y'know, pass it off as a real one. Dump in some Seymour Duncans, replace anything crap...
why would you put a gibson logo on it? dont do that. because SOMEONE will find out that its not rel and call you for it. if you're gonna put on a logo, make a custom. like maybe put your name in gibson style letters. dont be a fake.
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go for it. i see no reason not to if you are gonna upgrade it. it might have a few odd flaws such as placement of screws, but nothing you can't fix.
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Right now it's at 173.99 CDN with a hardshell case (which is probably worth $30 used). Any guestimates of how much it SHOULD sell for new?

EDIT: It went for $179.02 pre-tax, so just over $200. Glad I didn't invest because it's worth $199 new w/ hard case!!!
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